Boat Wraps

Boat Vinyl Wrap

Traditionally, with changing the colour of a boat, gel-coating or spray painting are the only ways. Costs are hefty and the boat will be out of commission for quite a while as the new finish cures.

Introducing Vinyl Wrapping for Boats (yes, wraps are water-proof)…

With vinyl wrapping, you can go cruising as quickly as 24 hours after vinyl application. Vinyl installation can be done at your premises, which means you won’t need to transport your vessel back and forth.

Just as with cars, Carbon Demon can wrap entire boats, decorate them partially with stripes and patterns or customise the interior. We will even replace the name of your boat in any font or style of lettering, in order to suit its new appearance.

Bayliner Boat Vinyl Wrap

Beneteau GT44 Vinyl Wrap