Roof Wraps

The Gloss Black Vinyl Roof Wrap

Many modern cars follow the design where the roof adjoins the front windscreen via the same lines. The windscreen “flows” onto the roof. Trouble is… the flow is not seamless due to the colour difference between the two components.
By vinyl wrapping the roof in gloss black, the glassy appearance continues from the leading edge of the windscreen right though to the rear edge of the roof, creating a large, glassy panoramic roof look.
Carbon Demon is renowned for this type of wrap. From start to finish, the entire job usually takes under 2 hours.

Lamborghini Aventador (gloss black vinyl wrap targa tops)

Megane RS gloss black roof vinyl wrap

The Matte or Satin Black Vinyl Roof Wrap

Take the Ferrari or Lotus as examples. Whilst these super cars are stunning pieces of automotive art, a contrasting satin black roof gives them a completely different look. The semi-gloss vinyl roof wrap creates the appearance of a separate canopy against the original paint on the lower section of the cars.

Ferrari 458 Italia Matte Black Vinyl Wrap Roof

Elise 2012 Rear Bulkhead Matte Black Car Wrap

The Carbon Fibre Vinyl Roof Wrap

Carbon fibre is a light-weight, exotic and high-tech material. Its look is unique. Add that sophisticated look to your vehicle with a Carbon Demon CF vinyl roof wrap! For Suzuki Australia’s limited edition Kizashis roll-out program, car dealerships and countless car enthusiasts… we have done more of these than we can remember!

Suzuki Australia Special Edition Kizashi by Carbon Demon

Carbon Fibre vinyl roof wrap