Benefits of Vinyl Wrap

BMW M5 Carbon Fibre Interior WrapOEM Fit & Finish

As vinyl wrapping involves colour customisation of your vehicle’s original parts, the integrity and quality of your car will remain true.

Unlike the fitting of some after-market components, there will be no ill-fitting parts or issues which might affect the functioning of your vehicle.

HSV GTS Matte Vinyl Car WrapScratch Protection Properties

Any vinyl wrapped areas will be covered and protected from stone chips, minor scratches and the elements.

Porsche GT3 Vinyl Stripe DecalUnlimited Styling Possibilities – Be your own car designer

Carbon Demon can turn your styling ideas into reality.

A carbon fibre look for the front grille?
Maybe a pair of gloss red GT stripes for the bonnet?
GT3 insignia for your Porsche perhaps?
Anything is possible!

Vinyl wrap resurfacingRepair damaged or weathered surfaces

Vinyl wrap has good opacity and coverage properties. It can be used to refinish damaged or worn surfaces as long as the surfaces have had proper preparation (loose or flaky substrates will have to be sanded smooth first).

In most cases, vinyl wrapping worn parts is more cost effective than complete parts replacement.

Brush aluminium vinyl wrapLightweight – Durable – Low Maintenance

Vinyl wrap material is lightweight. The material is durable and can be cleaned with the usual car-cleaning products.

We wrap components in such a way that would allow even pressure washing.

Form & Function – you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Jaguar XKR Vinyl Wrap - Carbon Demon
Special Finishes (that paint can’t offer)

Choose from a colour range of over hundreds from well known vinyl wrap brands – 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis and more.

Many of these effects are not easily achievable through traditional spray painting techniques.

Examples include chrome, matte finishes, matte metallic, carbon fibre and brushed aluminium.


The Carbon Demon Advantage

We are experienced and have wrapped countless vehicles; in all shapes and sizes.

We take pride in our attention to detail. Our wraps are enthusiast-grade.

Carbon Demon is the vinyl wrapper of choice for Audi Australia, Citröen Australia, Ferrari Australasia, Peugeot Australia, Jaguar Australia, Suzuki Australia, FOX Studios and numerous established new-car dealerships & tuning shops. Testimonials from them say it all.

We are also a 3M & Avery Dennison recommended vehicle vinyl wrap installer.

To achieve an OEM-finish & 100% coverage during wrapping, we will remove & refit any necessary parts as required. Carbon Demon is a MVRIA licensed motor vehicle repairer.

Your vehicle is a complex piece of machinery; trust only certified automotive technicians to work on your prized possession!