BMW F80 M3 Matte Metallic Silver Vinyl Wrap

This BMW F80 M3 Competition exterior was wrapped entirely in matt metallic silver vinyl wrap. Custom body striping was also added, using 3M Matte Black and Hexis Lime Green vinyl.

The same green material was used to pinstripe the M-Performance front splitter, rear diffuser and Volk Racing wheels. “COMPETITION” lettering was designed and added to denote this model variant.

To produce our own custom high-gloss carbon fibre vinyl wrap, we printed CF pattern onto 3M automotive-grade printing material and laminated it with a UV-stable clear. This was used to highlight the hump on the bonnet and to compliment the OEM carbon roof.

All concept design, graphics, printing and application was done in-house at Carbon Demon.

BMW M3 F80 frozen colour

BMW M3 F80 matte colour

BMW M3 F80 matt colour

M3 Matte Wrap

BMW Matte Silver

BMW Competition Decal

M Competition Decal

BMW M3 F80 frozen colour